G Button Mod For Arty In Wot

G Button Mod For Arty In Wot

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g button mod for arty in wot g button mod for arty in wot g button mod for arty in wot g button mod for arty in wot g button mod for arty in wot

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I get this when I push the G button on arty, anyone an idea???

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Press g to switch aiming mode - posted in SPGs/Artillery: Is there a in game option that disables this message press g to switch aiming mode while playing Arty?

[] Battle Assistant zoom for arty World of Tanks | World of ...

Among the many mods offered to users of the game “World of Tanks”, you can find a really useful thing. And this mod can help to play and also is legal. We means modifying a special zoom for an arty – Battle Assistant zoom for artillery World of Tanks As the name suggests, this addition is intended for fans of artillery tanks.

New Cheat for WoT: Mortar Mode – The Armored Patrol

And the g is different for each arty to balance the arcs and shell flight times. So what this mod does? Well WoT has an inbuilt limitation that in arty view your gun aims from 0 to 45 degrees, this mod changes it so that it (potentially) aims fro 90 to 45 degree angle. Some in comments say they do it all day, but I would like to see the do it ...

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Get to know better about Controls and Firing in online war tank game. Remember useful mouse and keyboard WOT combinations and go into online battle with your acquired skills.

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51 videos Play all Arty - World of Tanks World of Tanks Best Replays ISU-152 in the hands of a PROFESSIONAL • WoT Gameplay - Duration: 14:35. Best Replays World of Tanks 487,366 views

Looking for this HUD - Mods - World of Tanks official forum

is vanilla trajectory view for arty, G button, by default or u ask about team HP bar ? this was only in ranked battle mode, vanilla client too

The Best Artillery in WOT

Ever wondered what the best artillery in World of Tanks are? Well wonder no more as we look at the most effective SPG according to vbaddicts for tiers 6-10 based on their average experience earned ...

New WoT Mod: Arty Aim Location – The Armored Patrol

DISCLAIMER: The legality of the mod is still unknown (considering it's WG, we will have to wait for a year or two). A new mod has arrived a few days ago. Basically it made a sandbox feature available on the current patch. The mod will display the exact location where allied arty is aiming, which is quite useful. Ths…

How to Install the Artillery Battle Assistant Mod (WoT 9.5)

For current version: https://youtu.be/iK1KIs1LzJo Artillery Battle Assistant: http://pkwot.blogspot.ca/2014/12/95-b... Use: Press "G" to enter/exit the special view ...